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Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building

800 square meter
$25 - $50 per square meter
Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building
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Material: Q355 & Q235
Standard: GB (China Standard)
Connection Form: Bolt Connection
Drawing Design: AutoCAD,3D,PKPM,Sketchup
Product Name: Steel Structure Warehouse
Size: As Customers' Requirments
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: QCX
Certification: ISO 9001, CE certificate of quality system
Model Number: Steel Structure Warehouse
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Steel components are packaged with steel pallets
Delivery Time: 25-35 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000 tons/month
Product Description

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building

About This Steel Structure Warehouse Building


Drainage system

Because the height of the whole warehouse is relatively low, the height of the cornice is only three meters, and the precipitation in the area where the project is located is moderate, considering the price demand of customers, so there is no design of downspout and gutter, relying on the free drainage of 10% slope of the roof.
Canopy is arranged above the sliding door to facilitate the transportation of goods.

Ventilation system

It relies on 18 2m*1m sliding Windows to ensure ventilation.

Daylighting system

A lighting belt is added to the roof to match the window lighting.

Heat preservation and insulation

The roof is provided with glass silk wadding.




site condition



Project location wind load (m/s) function
Congo (DRC) 1.6 m/s warehouse





length (M) width (M) height (M)
35 15 3



crane request



crane tons (T) lifting height (M) crane quantity (set)
- -  


wall request



brick wall height (M)

insulation gutter






roof request


insulation skylight ventilation
No Yes No


door & window


the quantity and size of door (M) the size of lower window (M)

the size of upper window (M)



2 doors of 2m


No 1.5



Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building 0



The Details of This Steel Structure Warehouse 

Component Description
Steel Columns Vertical load-bearing members that support the weight of the structure and transfer loads to the foundation.
Steel Beams Horizontal load-bearing members that distribute the weight from the roof and upper floors to the columns.
Trusses and Girders Structural frameworks designed to bear heavy loads and provide support for the roof and walls.
Roofing and Wall Panels Steel sheets used to cover and enclose the workshop, providing weather protection and insulation.
Insulation Material used between panels to regulate temperature, control sound, and enhance energy efficiency.
Sliding Doors Doors that operate by sliding horizontally along tracks, offering easy access and space-saving benefits.
Windows Fixed or operable openings in walls, providing natural light, ventilation, and visibility.
Foundation The base that supports the entire structure, usually made of concrete, which the columns are anchored to for stability.
Ventilation Systems Mechanisms for air exchange and proper airflow, essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe working environment.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building 1

Advantages of steel construction


1.Strength and durability: Steel is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an incredibly strong material. It can withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions, ensuring the longevity and stability of the structure.


2.Design flexibility: Steel construction allows for greater design flexibility, as it can be fabricated into various shapes and sizes. This flexibility enables architects and engineers to create unique and innovative structures.


3.Speed of construction: Steel structures can be pre-fabricated off-site, which reduces construction time significantly. This faster construction process can save both time and money.


4.Cost-effectiveness: Although the initial cost of steel construction may be higher compared to some other materials, the long-term cost benefits often outweigh this. The durability of steel reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repair, leading to lower life-cycle costs.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building 2

Our company

With many years of steel structure export experience and steel structure construction experience, it can provide a series of services from design to production to on-site installation to after-sales.


Each steel component will be numbered in detail at the time of delivery, and complete and detailed installation instructions and construction process instructions will be provided. If the customer needs, we can also send overseas construction teams or construction workers to assist in the installation.


Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building 3


Production Capacity

The company has:


2 composite board production lines


more than 1 million meters/year


5 color steel plate production lines


2 million meters/year


2 H-type steel CNC production lines


20000 tons/year


1 C-type steel production line


2500 tons/year


1 Z-steel production line


2,000 tons/year

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Frame Construction Building 4

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